Evergreen Cemetery - Brainerd, Minnesota

Evergreen Cemetery 1st Avenue Entrance Gate

Evergreen Cemetery is owned and managed by the Evergreen Cemetery Association of Brainerd.

It was officially created when the Evergreen Cemetery Association was formed in 1879, but had been used informally for a few years prior. An article in the Brainerd Tribune (June 11, 1879 P.4 Col 2) gives a list of existing interments "as nearly complete as could be obtained" (a total of 69).

The cemetery initially began with 15 acres in cemetery blocks 1-14. It has been expanded several times and now occupies 48 cemetery blocks on 35 acres with over 17,000 interments.

Aerial View of Evergreen Cemetery    

The cemetery is on a bluff above the Mississippi River flood plain (to the west) in northeast Brainerd.

In the aerial view to the left (click to enlarge) it runs southwest (lower left) to northeast (upper right).

The southern end slopes down toward the flood plain and is bounded by Evergreen Avenue. The southwest entrance (View Image) is located there.

The eastern side is bounded by 1st Avenue NE for a block and then by a railroad spur northeast to the paper mill. The 1st Avenue entrance (View Image) is at the north end of 1st Avenue.

The northern end abuts the paper mill property.

The Association Office is next to the 3rd Avenue entrance at K Street and 3rd Avenue NE.

A Drone video taken in 2016 is available for viewing on YouTube.

The Directory of the Dead (a link to which is in the footer of every page) is the online combined list of burials for both Evergreen Cemetery and the Memorial Gardens cemetery.

For more information on the Association, see the Evergreen Cemetery Association home page (a link to which is also present in the footer of every page).

Here are some selected summertime and wintertime scenes from Evergreen Cemetery. The photos are © 2008 by Joey Halvorson and are used here with permission.

Evergreen Cemetery Entrance Gate in Wintertime Evergreen Cemetery during Memorial Day Ceremony Evergreen Cemetery in Summertime Evergreen Cemetery in Summertime Evergreen Cemetery in Summertime Evergreen Cemetery in Summertime Evergreen Cemetery Tall Monument Evergreen Cemetery Tall Monument Evergreen Cemetery Tall Monument (White Bronze) Evergreen Cemetery in Autumn Evergreen Cemetery in the Fall Evergreen Cemetery Wayt - Loss Gravestones Evergreen Cemetery Gravestone of Governor C. Elmer Anderson