Evergreen Cemetery Association - Grave Decoration Rules
For Evergreen and Memorial Gardens Cemeteries

These Rules are posted near the Vehicle Entry Gates at both Cemeteries.

Section 1. Grounds care is an essential part of cemetery operations. The following rules minimize interference with gravesite maintenance activities and help preserve the general aesthetics of the cemeteries.

Section 2. Fences or hedges are not permitted on or around any gravesite.

Section 3. Uneven surfaces or permanent objects such as mounds, berms, bricks, rocks, etc., are not permitted.

Section 4. Solar lights may be placed in the ground only if immediately adjacent to an above-ground monument (not adjacent to a lawn-level marker). They may also be placed off the ground in an urn or flowerpot. To preserve the dignity of the cemetery, flashing or otherwise active lights are discouraged. Objectionable lights will be removed.

Section 5. Live flowers and small decorative live greenery (not to include shrubs, arborvitae, etc.) may be planted in the ground immediately adjacent to a monument or marker, preferably to the right or left.

Section 6. Christmas wreaths are allowed starting November 15th and must be removed no later than April 1st, after which they will be discarded.

Section 7. Live or artificial flowers and decorative greenery kept in a large, permanent flowerpot on the ground, in an urn on a stand, or hanging from a standard shepherd's hook are permitted year-round. They must be immediately adjacent to the left or right side of a monument if one exists, or in the center of a lot in line with other monuments if there is no monument, or adjacent to a marker on the left, right or back. Flowerpots must be maintained in an attractive manner and used for their intended purpose or they will be subject to removal and disposal.

Section 8. Artificial flowers and decorative greenery, and objects such as toys or personal belongings may be temporarily placed on a gravesite during the period commencing the day before Mother's Day (2nd Sunday in May) through the day after Father's Day (3rd Sunday in June). Glass items are not allowed. Items left on a gravesite outside this period will be removed by cemetery staff.

Section 9. One flag-holder or official metallic tablet of the Grand Army of the Republic, or other similar organizations whose membership is limited to those who served in the military forces of the U.S.A., will be permitted upon a grave. Otherwise, a single non-military insignia (such as for the D.A.R.) in the form of a flat metallic tablet no greater than 8 x 8 inches is also permitted upon a grave. It must be permanently and securely attached to an upright monument, embedded within a lawn-level marker, or embedded within a concrete foundation (identical to the concrete base for a vase) that is intended for use only as a secure place of attachment and placed at lawn-level so as to not interfere with mowing. All such work is to be performed only by cemetery staff, and fees will be charged, as appropriate.

Section 10. One small U.S. flag in good condition no larger than 8 x 12 inches with a maximum 24 inch staff is permitted per gravesite. Faded or tattered flags will be removed.

Approved April 16, 2017