Evergreen Cemetery Association - Brochures

Grave Decoration Regulations

The rules and regulations regarding Grave Decorations (Revised April 2017) are available as a single-page Poster suitable for printing.

New! You can also view them online in our Grave Decorations Web Page, which will be more convenient for mobile device users.

Brochures Available for Download

Evergreen Cemetery has several brochures available for downloading. They are all in two pages per sheet format in landscape orientation. They can be viewed on your monitor, or printed as either a bi-fold booklet using special page ordering necessary to produce a booklet, or as two pages per sheet using normal (serial) page ordering.

PDF files are viewable and printable using any modern browser. Or you can save the file, then view and print it using Adobe Reader.

All of the PDF files have built-in margins, so scaling to fit a printed page is neither required nor desired. In Adobe Reader, select "Actual Fit". In any other application or browser, please make sure that no scaling or shrinking option is selected.

Booklet-page-order documents must be printed by printing the odd-numbered pages first, re-feeding the sheets, then printing the even-numbered pages; or just enable two-sided printing if your printer supports that.

Serial-page-order documents can be printed one sheet per page.

The brochures are:

  • Constitution & Bylaws (Revised 20 Jul 2015)   Booklet (184 KB)   Serial (184 KB)
    The original Articles of Incorporation and the current Bylaws of the Association.

  • Rules and Regulations (Revised 01 Jun 2021)   Booklet (106 KB)   Serial (106 KB)
    The Rules and Regulations governing activities and responsibilities of lot owners.

  • Lot Owner's Guide (Revised 15 Oct 2021)   Booklet (205 KB)   Serial (205 KB)
    Short paragraphs on topics most often brought up by lot owners (does not include price list).

All brochures are available in printed form in the Association office.